Complete the sentences with IF or UNLESS. (Dopolni stavke z IF (če) ali UNLESS (razen če ne))

  1. _______ you see Jim, tell him to call the office.
  2. _______ you get up early, you’ll miss the bus to work.
  3. I won’t go to the matura dance _________ David asks me.
  4. Bill will catch the plane only ________ he takes a taxi to the airport.
  5. _______ you ring me from the airport, I won’t come to pick you up.


Complete the sentences. Circle IF or UNLESS and write the verb in the correct form. (Dopolni stavke. Obkroži IF ali UNLESS in napiši s pravilno obliko glagolov.)

  1. (If / Unless) you don’t do your homework, the teacher ___________ (be) really angry.
  2. (If / Unless) David gets his eyes checked, he _____________ (have) another accident.
  3. I ___________ (not call) for an ambulance (if / unless) he gets up.
  4. How _____________ (we / get) home (if / unless) it doesn’t stop raining?
  5. (If / Unless) the police find the mass muderer, they ____________ (kill) him on the spot.
  6. (If / Unless) Jacob _________ (come) soon, we’ll miss the beginning of the film.
  7. We _______________ (not be able to) make any omlettes (if / unless) someone buys some eggs.

*C. Mixed Tenses: Complete with the correct form of the verb in brackets. (Dopolni s pravilno obliko glagola v oklepaju.)

  1. ____________ (not spend) so much time with computer games!! _________(go) out!!
  2. While she _______________ (look for) mushrooms, something ____________ (bite) her.
  3. Unless he gets here soon, he _______________ (miss) the President’s speech.
  1. If I ______________ (be) lost in a foreign country, I would find the nearest Slovenian Ambassy.
  2. Sue _____________ (arrest) by the police, tried for murder and sentenced to life imprisonment.
  3. If George loses his job, he ________________ (not can) pay the rent.
  1. She will probably faint when she _________________ (see) the accident.
  2. If there ______________ (be) a fire, the alarm would go off.
  3. What _______________ (you / do) if someone stole your wallet?                                                                                                                                                     

    D, Complete the sentences with the expressions:I hope so / I hope not ; I guess so / I guess not. (Dopolni stavke z zgoraj navedenimi izrazi.)

They say it isn’t going to rain for another week. ______________! The land is so dry.

You can’t go to the cinema without money! ______________. I’ll have to stay at home then.

If you want to catch the early train, you’d better leave now. –   Yes, _______________.

You have such a beautiful house! –  ______________. It cost a fortune!!

Look at that traffic! We won’t make it in time for dinner! – ______________. We’ll have to stop and eat something on the way.

E. Complete with ‘may / may not / might / might not’ /or ‘ should’ and the correct verb. There are TWO verbs too many.

     (Dopolni z  ‘may / may not / might / might not /ali ‘ should’ in pravilnim glagolom. DVA glagola sta odveč.)


 get   see     be(2x)    tell     do    like   keep
  1. I _______________ Jose tonight, but I’m not sure.
  2. Don’t worry so much about the Maths test. It _______________ quite easy.
  3. It’s so difficult to buy someone a present,because they ________________ it.
  4. Don’t sit and watch TV all day. You ______________ more exercise.
  5. It ____________ a good idea to go home before the traffic gets heavy.
  6. What lies ___________ he ____________ the police?


 *F. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense to express futurity. Use:

the Future Simple (with ‘WILL’), the ‘Going to’ Future or the Present Continuous Tense. (Dopolni stavke z enim od zgoraj navednih časov)

Then add what the sentence expresses: DECISION / OFFER / PREDICTION / FUTURE FACT / INTENTION or ARRANGEMENTS. (Dodaj eno od navedenih besed, ki pove, kaj stavek izraža.)                  


1.A: Have you got any bread in the cupboard?

B: Probably. I ____________ (have) a look. = _________________

  1. A: I ______________ (go) to my best friend’s wedding next week. = ___________

B: What ______________ (you / wear) ? = _______________

  1. Marge is a student at London Medical University. She _________________ (be) a doctor. = _______________
  2. I think future generations ________________ (have) problems with our planet.

We don’t take care of it enough.= _________________

G. VOCABULARY: Match the definitions with the words below:

  • admire, fountain, cheque, deposit, liar, delighted, receipt, career

 This sends water into the air. ______________

  1. This word means ‘very pleased.’ _______________
  2. Someone who has trouble telling the truth is a ______________
  3. You get this when you pay for something _______________
  4. The job or jobs you do during your working life. ____________


H. Complete the sentences with: LOOK + ‘ up, for, at, after, forward to, round’. Remember to put ‘look’ into the correct tense.

    (Dopolni stavke z LOOK +: up, for, at, after, forward to, round’. Ne pozabi dati glagol ‘look’ v ta pravi čas. )

  1. If you don’t know the instructions, _________ them _________ in the manual.
  2. I _________________ seeing you very soon.
  3. _______________ that picture. Isn’t it beautiful !
  4. Sandra and Louise often ______________ the neighbours’ pets when they are out.
  5. A: What are you doing? – B: I ____________________ my glasses. I can’t find them anywhere.

6. The tourists took some free time to  _________________ the shops.

I.We can use WHEN as a question word or as a link word for past and future time. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verb in brackets. (Dopolni stavke s pravilno obliko glagolov, ki so v oklepaju.)

 I’ll call you when you ______________ (come) home from Spain.

  1. When I’m older, I ________ probably _________ (live) abroad.
  2. When ________________(you/come) back from Japan? – Yesterday.
  3. I was making dinner, when a stranger _____________ (knock) on my door and wanted to come in.
  4. I was wrapping up Meg’s present,  when mum _______________ (put) the candles on her birthday cake.

J. Complete the sentences with: make, break, tell, keep / OR / a promise, a mistake, the truth, lies, a secret, the law. (Dopolni stavke z danimi glagoli oz. samostalniki.)

My advice to you is that you shouldn’t always do what you want. Telling __________ is better than telling _____________. Of course, we all ____________ mistakes, but when you break ___________ you must go to jail, and face the consequences. If you ____________ a promise to someone special, be sure not to _______________ it. Be honest with yourself and learn to ______________ promises you can keep, so that your friends can trust you.                                                                                                                                

K. Complete with BECAUSE or SO. (Dopolni z BECAUSE ali SO.)

  1. I turned off the TV ____________ the film was over.
  2. Sally’s computer broke down ___________ she couldn’t finish her school project.
  3. I told a lie _____________ I was afraid to tell the truth.
  4. He can’t keep a secret ____________ people don’t trust him anymore.


L.    Put the verbs into the Second Conditional. (Postavi glagole v drugo skupino pogojnih stavkov.)

  1.  Ian  ____________ (not miss) the last train, if he ________________ (come) on time.
  2.  What _________________ (you / do) if you ________________ (catch) a snake?
  3. If I ______________ (be) you, I ______________ (not go) mountain climbing alone.


  1. Mixed Examples (mešani primeri 0., 1. ali 2. skupine)
  1. If I ______________ (be) lost in a foreign country, I would find the nearest Slovenian Ambassy.
  2. If you _____________ (heat) ice, it melts.
  3. If George loses his job, he ________________ (not be able to) pay the rent.
  4. She will probably faint if she _________________ (see) all that blood.
  5. If the temperature _____________ (drop) below 0°C, water __________(freeze).
  6. If there ______________ (be) a fire, the alarm would go off.
  7. What _______________ (you / do) if someone stole your wallet?




















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