It seems a long time since our last lesson together. Time seems to be flying…There doesn’t seem to be enough of it right now….there’s so much to do.

I hope you didn’t have any major issues with your work from last time, and that you managed to check your answers with the ones I sent on Kanal 9.A/B.

In this lesson we’ve been invited to a wedding.

Have any of you been to a wedding? –

If so, how did you get your invitation? –

The old-fashioned or traditional way is to send an INVITATION by post.


Turn your TB to page 76 – there you will find three invitations –

Which one of the three is an invitation to a wedding?

And what are the other two invitations inviting us to?

Which invitation is the most formal and which one is the least formal?

= So we have FORMAL and INFORMAL invitations – What’s the difference?

Look at the content (vsebino) of all three invitations – What must ALL invitations contain (vsebovati)?

***Write your answers or thoughts to these questions into your exercise notebooks.****


If you check both pages (76 and 77), you’ll see that besides the invitations, you’ve also got the replies (odgovore) to each. Try to match the replies (A, B and C) to the invitations (1, 2 and 3). In your notebooks just write the number of the invitation and beside it the corresponding letter of the reply.


Now it’s your turn to write an invitation. I want you to write a formal one and an informal one on an A4 paper and send it to me via Kanal 9.A/B or privately by Sunday, 17th May.

Be sure to include all the important information that goes into an invitation, and be careful with the format (obliko) of the formal invitation. Help yourself with page 76.


AND finally something that’s quite easy. Turn your textbooks to page 75 and have a look at # 5.

I hope so.

I hope not.

I guess so.

I guess not.

Write these short sentences into your exercise notebook and try to translate them into Slovenian. When would you say these sentences to someone?

Try to complete the four sentences on page 75  # 5 and write them into you exercise notebook.


Za konec, pa vam pošiljam kratek video, ki kliče na boljšo prihodnost. Se vidimo jutri (sreda, 13.05.) na Zoomu ob 13:00. Lp,


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